Results for the
All World Millennium Kubota Cup
10th Karate Championship


Year 2000!

July 7th, 8th and 9th

The Kubota World Cup Championship takes place every 5 years. After two days of fierce competition, the champions in each event for both the Junior and Adult divisions rose to the top of each of their categories to claim victory in the first IKA tournament of the new millennium.

We would like to recognize all of the schools and participants from around the world for making this year's competition a tremendous success. It is through you that martial arts continues to flourish around the world, creating friendship across all artificial barriers of race, color and creed. As ambassadors for the martial arts world, you are warriors bringing peace and comradery to places where it is often difficult to find. You are all world champions in your own right. Thank you.

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Some of our records got mixed up when transporting them after the tournament. We apologize for any mistakes. If you see any incorrect or incomplete information, please submit corrections to the Webmaster at and they will be promptly taken care of.

Individual Kumite

Men's Adult Kumite

Women's Adult Kumite

Men's 15 to 17 Year Old Kumite

Women's 15 to 17 Year Old Kumite

Mixed Junior's Kumite

Individual Kata

Men's Adult Kata

Women's Adult Kata

Mixed Junior Kata

Mixed Weapons Kata

Gosoku Ryu Kata

Gosoku Ryu Kata

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