Weapons Seminar

Grand Master Soke Kubota, 10th Dan will teach you some of the weapons taught at the Headquarters of the International Karate Association. The seminar covers kata (forms) and the techniques of the Tsue (walking cane), Tonfa (side-handle baton), the Jo (short staff), and katana (samurai sword). The seminar will cover not only the forms but many the applications of the movements as well. Weapons training supplement any martial arts program and are the equalizer on the street regardless of size or stature. Let Grand Master Kubota show you the way to utilize these readily available weapons to enhance your training and self-reliance. Seminars may be tailored to groups to put more emphasis on a single weapon or at an introductory level for multiple weapons. Soke Kubota will be assisted by So Shihan Dai Rod Kuratomi - IKA World and Regional kumite, kata, and weapons champion.

Grand Master Soke Kubota

So Shihan Dai Rod Kuratomi

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