Law Enforcement Seminar

10th Dan Grand Master Soke Kubota is one of the foremost masters in law enforcement techniques used in restraint and apprehension of a suspect. He has trained instructors and agents for the Tokyo police department, FBI, DEA,LA Sheriffs, California Highway Patrol, and military police worldwide. He began his career teaching law enforcement with the Tokyo police department at the early age of 14. The seminar will cover straight baton, side handle baton (PR-24), handcuffing, kick and punch defense techniques as well as Master Kubota's own Jujitsu techniques specifically designed for law enforcement emphasizing restraint without permanent injury. Soke Kubota will be assisted by one or more of the following instructors that are his students:

Shihan Gordon Pfeiffer - International Karate Headquarters Master Instructor and Attorney

So Shihan Dai Rod Kuratomi - International and Regional kumite, kata, and weapons champion and Criminal Justice graduate

Grand Master Kubota Demonstrating Firearms Retention

Grand Master Kubota Demonstrating Kubotan

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