Gosoku Ryu Kumite Seminar

Let 10th Dan, Grand Master Soke Kubota show you the fighting techniques of Gosoku Ryu. Translated,Gosoku Ryu means "Hard and Fast". It is one of the most effective styles of karate available. Gosoku Ryu stresses hard traditional training while emphasizing fighting techniques that have been proven both on the street and in tournament karate. The seminar will cover training methods and techniques as they are taught at the Headquarters of Grand Master Kubota's International Karate Association. The seminar will teach you the movements of Goksoku Ryu that time and again have enabled the IKA to produce some of the most formidable fighters worldwide. Soke Kubota will be assisted by one or more of the following instructors that are his students:

Shihan Val Mijailovic - World and National Karate kumite champion

Shihan Boban Petkovic - World, European and National kumite champion, current 2000 Fighter of the Millenium award winner.

Shihan Tatsuo Hirano - International Karate Headquarters Master instructor

So Shihan Dai Rod Kuratomi - IKA World, European and Regional kumite, kata, and weapons champion

Sensei Demetrio Munoz - International Karate Heaquarters Kubojitsu instructor

Grand Master Soke Kubota

Shihan Val Mijailovic and Soke Kubota

So Shihan Dai Rod Kuratomi

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