Kubotan® Seminars

Master Kubota periodically holds Kubotan seminars at the International Karate Association Headquarters located in Glendale, California. If you are interested, please e-mail us with your name, telephone number, and e-mail address and we will let you know when the next seminar will be held. This web page can be checked periodically as we will post dates of future seminars as they become scheduled. Average price for the seminar is $30 USD which includes a Kubotan. Courses average 1 1/2 hours and are usually held on Saturday afternoons.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Kubotan, it is 5" long plastic keychain that is utilized as a self-defense device. Originally developed by Master Kubota for undercover police officers, it is an extremely effective self-defense device when used properly. The Kubotan is now used by tens of thousands world wide for self-defense.

If you have enough participants, you may ask us to schedule a class just for your organization. Corporate and civic organizations are welcome. No martial arts background is required to take the course, only the desire to learn how to protect yourself with this innovative self-defense device. Classes are normally held at the headquarters of the International Karate Association in Glendale, California although we are not totally closed to the idea of traveling to your location if it is in the Los Angeles area. Pricing for special groups is dependant on how may participants there are. E-mail us for details if you are interested.

Kubotan® Instructor Certification

We also have video certification courses available for those interested in becoming instructors and are unable to travel to California. The following steps are necessary to become certified:

1. Go to our website at www.ikakarate.com and fill out the form under "to join". This will give us your background and training and instructional history.

2. Purchase our Kubotan video tape and study the techniques on the tape for at least 1 month.

3. Use a video camera and tape yourself as you would teach a class with you demonstrating the techniques. Tape should be around 10-15 minutes in length with emphasis put on the demonstration of technique proficiency.

4. After reviewing the tape we will determine whether your teaching ability and knowledge meets our standards.

5. The fee for certification is $500 for the first year, $250 for the second year, and $100 or every year thereafter.

6. Those taking your class should receive a card showing they completed the class. We provide the card. The cost of this card to the instructor is $5.00. You may charge an appropriate amount to your student.

7. You sign paperwork freeing the International Karate Association of any liability for any injuries your students may receive while taking your course. We highly suggest that you consider getting insurance to cover yourself.

8. Kubotans must be ordered directly from us. Wholesale prices are given for quantity purchases.

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