Kubota Jujitsu (Kubojitsu) Seminar

10th Dan, Grand Master Soke Kubota teaches his techniques of "Kubojitsu". Grand Master Takayuki Kubota's art of Kubojitsu is an "evolutionary" art devised by Master Kubota that incorporates the best features of Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Aikido, and Karate. The seminar covers grappling techniques, throws, arm locks, and training techniques. The seminar also includes many original techniques perfected by the Master himself. Many martial arts are ineffective when grappling is involved. Kubojitsu is the ideal art to bridge the gap between traditional martial arts and grappling. This seminar is a must have for anyone interested in learning how to protect themselves when the fight gets "up close and personal". Soke Kubota will be assisted by one or more of the following instructors that are his students:

Shihan Val Mijailovic - World and National Karate kumite champion

Shihan Tatsuo Hirano - International Karate Headquarters Master instructor

So Shihan Dai Rod Kuratomi - IKA World and Regional kumite, kata, and weapons champion

Sensei Demetrio Munoz - International Karate Heaquarters Kubojitsu instructor

Grand Master Soke Kubota

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