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Seminar in Belgrade at The IKA World Tournament – May 2014

Seminar in Belgrade at The IKA World Tournament – May 2014



On May 23-25 Soke Kubota travelled with Shihans Val Mijailovic, Boban Petkovic, and Rod Kuratomi to Belgrade, Serbia for the IKA World Cup tournament. Despite the catastrophic flood in Serbia and the war in Ukraine, the tournament was still attended by 14 different countries.

The first day of the weekend long event started with dan testing. We are pleased to announce three new shodans and three new nidans: For Shodan: Miodrag Jovanovic, Andela Milovanovic, and Dejan Hristov all from Serbia. For Nidan: Sladjana Stojanovic of Serbia, Andreas Cardenas from Ecuador, and Charles Nguyen from USA. After testing Soke then taught seminars on Kata, Kumite, Kubojitsu, and Kubotan. The classes were well attended and enjoyed by all.

Saturday was the children’s tournament. The fighting spirit, mental focus, and ability of all the competitors was amazing.  It is a testament to the teaching by the Senseis which have brought sport karate to a new level. These competitors now train like Olympic athletes.

Sunday was the adult and juniors tournament. The level of competition was excellent with all teams doing very well. Mens Kata age 18-39 gold medal went to Cosmin Stanciu of Romania (WUKF World Champion), Mens Kata age 40+ gold went to Janusz Grzyb of Poland.  Women’s Kata age 18-39 went to Marina Gereszewska of Poland with the 40+ going to Sladjana Stojanovic of Serbia.   Men’s Kumite age 18-30 went to Ihor Uhnich of Ukraine. Team Kumite and Kata gold both went to Serbia.

 The highlight of the tournament was IKA Headquarters Shihan, Boban Petkovic who competed in his hometown of Belgrade and  had not competed in his hometown in over 40 years! He was cheered on by his family, friends, and by the IKA Serbia team who he had been teaching for the previous three weeks. Once again, the “Bad Boy From The Balkans” did not disappoint and won the age 40+ kumite division gold medal! Congratulations Shihan Boban !

The sayonara dinner was fantastic and the group was treated to traditional Serbian food and drink. I really enjoyed the Rakia (fruit brandy) which Serbia is famous for. Usually we are treated by Shihan Boban in the USA to the plum brandy (Slivovitz). I was surprise in Serbia to have a choice between, plum, peach,  apricot, pear, quince, or honey!

Soke would like to personally extend his thanks to Sensei Bozidar Puric and the Serbia team who worked very hard to make the tournament a success. The organization and the attention to details were excellent and we thank him for a job well done.

Soke would like to request that in the future more teams bring judges to assist with the tournament in order to help insure a successful event.


Historic meeting with Soke and the WUKF President Liviu Crisan and IKA Instructors ( Front Row: Shihan Boban Petkovic, Liviu Crisan, Soke Kubota, Kyoshi Giorgio Bortolin, Back Row: Sensei Bozidar Puric, Shihan Dai Anatoliy Lozovoy, Shihan Rod Kuratomi, Shihan Val Mijailovic

Historic meeting with Soke and the WUKF President Liviu Crisan and IKA Instructors ( Front Row: Shihan Boban Petkovic, Liviu Crisan, Soke Kubota, Kyoshi Giorgio Bortolin, Back Row: Sensei Bozidar Puric, Shihan Dai Anatoliy Lozovoy, Shihan Rod Kuratomi, Shihan Val Mijailovic



At the IKA World Cup in Serbia, Soke Kubota met with WUKF president Liviu Crisan of Romania to discuss how the IKA and the WUKF can work together. The WUKF is one of the largest organizations in the world that holds a twice annual tournament with over 1000 competitors. It is an organization that brings organizations together with no political agenda. We are proud to announce that the WUKF now has a Gosoku Ryu kata division in their tournament which will expose Gosoku Ryu to many other international organizations. In order to have the event we needed three countries to become WUKF members. IKA Poland recently joined which made for the third country joining Ukraine and Serbia. We would like to thank Shihan Dai Anatoliy Lozovoy of Ukraine who worked very hard to make this possible and we would also like to thank Liviu Crisan for making the long trip from Romania to Serbia to meet with Soke Kubota.



Sunday, October 5th, 2014 marks several special events. It is the 50th anniversary of the IKA All Star Tournament, Soke’s 75th Anniversary of his training in martial arts, and Soke’s 80th birthday celebration. The tournament will be at Occidental College in Los Angeles and it is going to be a well attended event with many international branches coming to honor Soke at this milestone event.

We will be having a banquet to honor Soke on Friday October 3rd at Raffi’s Place Restaurant in Glendale. The estimated price will be $60 per person. The start time will be 7 pm cocktail hour, 8 pm dinner. Suit and tie attire suggested. If you wish to reserve a place at the banquet, submit your name to Soke as soon as possible as space is limited.

The official tournament hotel will be the Days Inn and the rate for a single is $84.59 USD. A double would be half price. Contact Days Inn at +1-800-325-2525 for reservations or go to www.daysinn.com.. Contact person for reservations is Elaine. Elaine can be reached at -818-956-0202 There is also ashuttle available from LAX to the hotel for a fee. Note: Online prices are the same as if you call by phone.

 We will also be hosting karate seminars on the morning of Saturday, October 4th.  Topics to be announced. We will also be having our traditional after tournament party at Acapulco restaurant in Glendale.  NOTE: Due to time constraints there will be no team events, only individual events. There will be kobudo.

We are also selling ads for the tournament program booklet. It can be for your business or just a personal congratulatory message. Cost is: Business card ad -  $30, small photo ad - $30, 1/8 page - $40, ¼ page - $80, ½ page - $125, full page - $160, Inside cover full - $250, Back cover full - $350. Ads should be “camera” ready.

Hope to see you there.  Mark your calendar!



On Sunday August 10th, 2014, the annual Nikkei games tournament will be held at the Pyramid at Cal State University Long Beach. The tournament is unique in that it is a karate, kendo, and judo tournament, all under one roof at the same time. Spectators are able to see all three events taking place simultaneously. They will also be having a seminar taught by Sensei James Tawatao, host of the Las Vegas Ozawa Cup on Saturday, August 9th in Little Tokyo at Centenary Methodist Church at 2:00 pm for only $20.

The tournament is designed to foster good will among the martial arts community and is a sponsored event. Cost for registration is only $30 for pre-registration and $35 for registration the day of the event. This includes a free Nikkei games T-shirt for all competitors. The entry fee is a fixed cost and does not vary regardless of the number events you are registered for. Cost for spectators is free.

Volunteers are critical for the continued success of this tournament. Last year, volunteers for the event were in short supply. If you can assist in any way, your help will be greatly appreciated. We need people to judge, time keep, score keep, and to help set up and clean up after the event. Any assistance of any kind will be greatly appreciated.  For additional information and registration information, you can contact  Shihan Rod Kuratomi at:


Take a look at our website that has online registration, flyers, registration forms and general  information. The website is:


IKA Calendar

IKA 50th Anniversary All Star Tournament
Los Angeles, California – October 3-5, 2014

Seminar with Soke Kubota
Warsaw, Poland -  November 14-16, 2014
Host: Sensei(s) Chalupka

Nikkei Games Tournament and Seminar
Long Beach, California August 9-10, 2014


New IKA Pin

The New IKA Pin


Soke is producing some very nice gold plated IKA pins. If you are interested, email Soke with your name and the quantity of pins you would like to order. The back has a single tie pin type backing.  The cost will be $15 USD each plus $5 shipping within the USA for up to 10 pins. Email for international rates as it varies by country. Acceptable payment, cash, check, credit card, or Pay Pal. Send payment directly to Soke along with the quantity desired and your shipping address.



The Masters Forum is dedicated to increasing the knowledge base of the IKA Family. Each month we will try to cover a new topic on a multitude of facets of the art, dealing with all levels of expertise. This month,Shihan Kuratomi has written an article on there being no substitute for training:

No Short Cut

As long as I can remember people have been selling the idea of taking a single class, or reading a book to learn how to protect yourself. Once you have this valuable “magic” knowledge you would be able to protect yourself in any self-defense situation,

attackers beware! I remember magazine ads when I was a kid by body builder Charles Atlas on how to turn the 95 pound weakling into a muscle bound man that no one would dare kick sand on at the beach and that women would flock to! As if having muscles and knowing how to fight came as a package!

Those that really train martial arts know that these people selling these plans are just charlatans preying on the ignorance of the uninformed. Another thing that is interesting is that many beginners in martial arts think that after a few months of training they will be able to protect themselves in any situation. One of my favorite sayings is “the more you know, the more you know you don’t”.  Karate is all about getting to know yourself, both your capabilities and your limitations.  Once you know yourself, you can start to be able to know the limitations and capabilities of your opponent. Once you know your opponent, you have a chance of victory. Most people on the street have never had their rear ends handed to them so they have no idea of the level of their vulnerability in a street confrontation. In the dojo while training if you are fortunate to work with someone better than yourself, you can have your rear end handed to you on a regular basis. This builds humility, teaches you the limits of one’s capabilities, and motivates one to train harder. Those without humility are fixed using the old Shotokan saying, “The nail that sticks up, must be hammered down!”. Over confidence, anger  and a poor attitude are all tactical weaknesses.

I tell my beginners class all the time when we do basics, “you may know this move, but until you do it at least 1000 times you will not be able to do it reflexively in a self-defense situation”. Most self-defense situations materialize without warning and are over in seconds. There is no time to think, only to react.  Reaction must be reflexive. If you have to think about what you are going to do, it is too late. Reflexive reaction can only be possible through constant repetition of technique and basic movement over many years. The reflex is also a perishable skill, meaning the movements have to be reinforced otherwise the skill to use the movement degrades over time. This is why we train in karate constantly. The same basic movement which is the components of more complex techniques continually practiced will make the complex techniques stronger and more reflexive over time.

This is why the true warrior never stops training. The true warrior strives to be the best that they can be. Skill is constantly being honed. Karate is not something we do. It is something we are to the very core of our existence. Injuries are opportunities to test our will and to see how we can compensate with the uninjured parts of our body. Sickness is a challenge to work through. Fatigue is a welcome training tool to be overcome and conquered. Heat, cold and discomfort are mental and physical training challenges to be overcome.  You can’t pick the day and the physical and mental state that you are going to fight in while in a defensive situation. The more you can train under adverse conditions, the better you will become both physically and more important, mentally…

There is “No Short Cut” to proficiency in karate.


Shihan Rod Kuratomi


IKA World Cup  - Womens Kata Champion Marina Gerszewska – IKA Poland (photo by Ewa Bartczak)

IKA World Cup  - Womens Kata Champion Marina Gerszewska – IKA Poland (photo by Ewa Bartczak)


“The Bad Boy of The Balkans” Shihan Boban Petkovic Takes the 40 and Over Kumite Championship at the IKA World Cup in Serbia. Award presented by Soke Kubota and Shihan Val Mijailovic

“The Bad Boy of The Balkans” Shihan Boban Petkovic Takes the 40 and Over Kumite Championship at the IKA World Cup in Serbia. Award presented by Soke Kubota and Shihan Val Mijailovic



“The best fighter is never angry”
-Lao Tzu

“Martial arts is not about fighting; it’s about building character”
-Bo Bennett



It has recently come to our attention that there are many IKA black belts that have black belt certificates issued by their instructors in their respective dojos but they wish to have their rank registered with IKA Headquarters and have a certificate issued by Soke Kubota with his signature on it. There are even some counterfeit certificates out there with a forged signature of Soke on it.  If your instructor is recognized by Soke Kubota as an instructor that meets his standards, then Soke will register your rank and will issue a certificate by mail for the cost of $125. Sent a copy of your existing certificate for consideration.



Come and "Like" Soke on Facebook:


Soke will be using Facebook for posting photos of his travels and other happenings. Becuase Soke has exceeded 5,000 friends so he has started a new page on facebook:



There are many dojos that still have not paid their annual membership renewal fee. Please note that if your fees are not paid you should not be using the IKA name,  the IKA trademark, nor Soke Kubota’s name. If you have financial problems, please contact Soke Kubota directly to work out special financial arrangements. It is not about money, it is about respect. Please observe proper Reigi (protocol) as the overhead of running the IKA is very expensive. Send Soke an e-mail if you have questions as to the different methods of  payment, especially for dojos outside of the United States.



Each seek perfection of character.
Develop morals, ethics and distinguishable attributes.

Each be faithful.
Be loyal and devoted to a person, cause, or idea.

Each endeavor.
Have conscientious or concerted effort toward an end with an earnest attempt.

Each respect others.
To feel or show deferential value, honor, appreciation and regard for another.

Each refrain from violent behavior.
To hold oneself back from responding with inappropriate anger and physical force.


List of IKA Headquarters Staff and Instructors
President and Founder Soke Takayuki Kubota
Soke Dai James Caan
Vice-President Thea Kubota
Chief Advisor Leonard Kramer
Office Manager Carmen Kim
Senior Technical Advisors Val Mijailovic, Boban Petkovic
Technical Director Rod Kuratomi
National Coach and Advisor Ted Bratakos
Secretary Judy Rao
Liason, Special Projects Sara Kubota
Medical Advisor Dr. Ashok Rao, M.D.
Webmaster Brian McEvoy
Official Photographer Lee Fisher
Soke Takayuki Kubota 10th dan Master
Hank Hamilton 7th dan     Shihan
Paul McCaul 7th dan     Shihan
Val Mijailovic 7th dan     Shihan
Boban Petkovic 7th dan     Shihan
Mike Berger 6th dan     Shihan
Ted Bratakos 6th dan     Shihan
Mark Grigorian 6th dan     Shihan
Tatsuo Hirano 6th dan     Shihan
Leonard Kramer 6th dan    
Rod Kuratomi 6th dan     Shihan
George Sinani 6th dan     Shihan
Antonio Antonetti 5th dan     Shihan
Norvell Carrere 5th dan     Shihan
Mark Gujda 5th dan     Shihan
Judy Marx 5th dan     Shihan Dai
Marcial Soto 5th dan     Shihan
Sami Asmar 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Victor Chico 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Danny Kahan 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Demetrio Munoz 4th dan     Shihan Dai
David Petrie 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Stuart Richman 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Kirk Stites 4th dan     Shihan Dai
David White 4th dan    
Alfanso Espinosa 3rd dan     Sensei
Aman Ikram 3rd dan     Sensei
Anthony Boosalis 2nd dan     Sensei
George Lopez 2nd dan     Sensei
Judy Rao 2nd dan     Sensei
Patrick Reddy 2nd dan     Sensei
Roy Simmons 2nd dan     Sensei
Jennifer Allen 1st dan      Shidoin
Maureen DeGuzman 1st dan      Shidoin
Richard Martrosian 1st dan      Shidoin


The average training time for the Shihan (Master) level instructor is 30+ years of training and teaching. Each Shihan not only teaches but trains as well in order to maintain their status. Title is not automatically bestowed with rank. Soke also has several other master level instructors in Kubojitsu , Kobudo and IPT (International Police Training). Shihan Dai is a Deputy Master level instructor with an average of 20-30 years of training and teaching. Titles are reserved only for instructors that are ACTIVELY teaching at IKA Headquarters. Dan ranks are retained but titles can be changed as Soke sees fit.


We welcome any contributions you may have that you wish to have published subject to approval by Soke. Submit the articles to Soke in writing or e-mail them to him at:


It has come to Soke Kubota’s attention that some organizations around the world may be using IKA’s name and trademarks without permission. The name ”International Karate Association, Inc.” (IKA) and its registered trademarks may be used by affiliated organizations only after first receiving Soke’s written permission.   In addition, Soke’s hand written signature or the red Japanese signature stamp must not be used without his expressed permission. The red stamp is like a legal signature in Japan and is a symbol of authenticity. It should not be used by anybody except for Soke or for purposes that he authorizes. The “International Karate Association” name must not be used by itself to represent your organization. There is only one International Karate Association, Inc. and it is at Headquarters in Glendale, California, USA. After receiving approval from Soke, you may use the IKA name, but it must be attached with another description to differentiate it from the IKA Headquarters.  For example, if you are from the state of Nebraska, you could use the name, “International Karate Association of Nebraska” or something similar.


Please note that proper protocol (Reigi) requires that information matters directly relating to IKA Headquarters, IKA tournaments, karate training and seminars must be communicated to Soke Kubota first before contacting other members within the organization. It is improper for Soke to be the last person to be informed of matters that directly involve him and IKA Headquarters such as, for example, your intention to attend his tournament or invitations to tournaments that are addressed directly to a Headquarters student without Soke’s knowledge. It is proper respect in both of these cases to inform Soke first or at the same time that the student is contacted.   Thank you for your consideration in these matters. 


Due to increased liability risks, it is necessary that all IKA schools carry some form of liability insurance to protect the school from legal issues that may arise from accidents. The amount of liability insurance will depend on your location. USA schools are suggested to carry one-million dollars of liability insurance.

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