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Soke “Cracking” The Sake With Sensei Fumio Demura and LAPD Deputy Chief Terry Hara at The Nikkei Games Banquet

Soke “Cracking” The Sake With Sensei Fumio Demura and LAPD Deputy Chief Terry Hara at The Nikkei Games Banquet



Soke just finished shooting a commercial for software giant Microsoft. He plays a wise Asian Chess master. Keep an eye open for it on network television!



Starting with this  IKA Newsletter, we will be posting a calendar of IKA events world-wide. Please submit the name and date of your event along with contact information (e-mail and/or phone) and we will list the event  in the IKA News. Also indicate if it is a seminar, tournament, or other karate related event.

It is our hope that this will better enable our affiliates to support one another.



We are sorry to announce that the tournament in Ukraine scheduled for September 28-30th, 2012 has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule the tournament for April 26-28th, 2012. More information to follow as the date nears.



Due to renovations at the Pyramid, the Nikkei Budo Tournament will be temporarily moved to the Next Level Sports Complex in Garden Grove. The complex is a huge converted warehouse that has 10 basketball courts and 4 soccer fields, all indoors. Due to the location change, the date has been moved to Sunday, August 26th. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Shihan Val Mijailovic will be teaching a seminar at the Centenary United Methodist Church in Little Tokyo on Saturday, August 25th. This is a seminar you will not want to miss as Shihan Val will be teaching some of his techniques that helped him dominate kumite competition for many years. In addition, Sensei Fumio Demura will also be teaching a seminar on kata bunkai.

Mark your calendar as we need volunteers to help with time keeping, scoring, and judging!

For more information and online registration go to:




Mark your calendar for the next IKA All Star Tournament to be held in Los Angeles at Occidental College on Sunday, October 7th, 2012. The tournament usually runs from 9 am to 4 pm. Registration starts at 7:30 am.  This tournament has been steadily growing over the past several years with many international competitors.

The tournament offers a reduced rate for entering the kata and kumite event and is one of the best values in tournament competition. Soke Kubota changes the medals every year with a new unique design that he creates himself. As always, there are a wide range of categories including Kobudo, and Gosoku Ryu kata. There are no team events.

The scoring system for this event will be a three point system (Shobu Sanbon) with all scoring techniques worth one point.

As always, it is imperative that we have volunteer support which is necessary for the success of this event. We ask that all IKA members in attendance plan on assisting with the event in some manner. We need judges and referees. We can train you how to be a time keeper or scorekeeper if you have no experience.

Download the tournament application here.



IKA Italy will be hosting a tournament the weekend of May 24-26, 2013. The tournament will be hosted by Shihan Giorgio Bortolin of our Torino (Turin) dojo. The event is a Black Belt event only so competition will only be for advanced levels.

For more information, contact Shihan Bortolin at his email at:




The next 2014 IKA World Cup Tournament has been awarded to the city of Belgrade, Serbia under the control of Sensei Bozidar Puric. Sensei Puric has repeatedly demonstrated his organizational skills at tournaments throughout Europe and we are confident that he will do an excellent job. Soke Kubota is expected to teach seminars and conduct testing and we also hope to have the presence of IKA Headquarters Master Instructors originally from Serbia, Shihan Val Mijailvic and Shihan Boban Petkovic. It will be a tournament you will not want to miss. We will post more information as it becomes available.

Congratulations IKA Serbia !


Sensei Asmar Receiving Award in Sweden

Sensei Asmar Receiving Award in Sweden


IKA instructor Sensei Sami Asmar is a NASA/JPL scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. He was recently was awarded the 2012 International Space Ops Exceptional Achievement Medal in Stockholm, Sweden. This is given to one honoree in the world every two years by the Space Ops consortium of space-faring nations. Sensei Asmar was also sent to Australia to monitor the Mars lander “Curiosity”. Not only is Sensei Asmar an accomplished rocket scientist, he is also an accomplished karateka with over 25 years of training under Soke Kubota. Congratulations Sensei Asmar! We are proud to call you one of our own!



Soke has recently completed a video on Bokken kata (wooden Samurai sword). This video is brand new and to our knowledge it is unique in that it has two people performing kata in simulated combat. This is a way for one to practice sword skills and fighting without fear of major accidental injury. Since there are two persons doing the kata, each kata has essentially two pieces that needs to be learned. The new video features two new original katas created by Soke. “Ken No Michi” and “Ken No Mai” . Order through the IKA Store at: www.ikakarate.com



Look for Soke on Facebook. The name is:
IKA Karate Kubota. Soke will be using Facebook for posting photos of his travels and other happenings.



Many of the IKA kata  and waza videos are now available for download by the specific kata or waza topic in small groups by a website set up by IKA New Zealand under the guidance of Sensei Scott McKenzie. This way instead of buying the entire DVD, you can selectively pick topics or small sets of katas that interest you for the low price of $6.99. There are also discounts for bundles of videos.

The videos are available from the Karate Cosmos Wiki Store at:



Sensei James Penor Showing His Gold and Silver Medals from the North West Senior Games.

Sensei James Penor Showing His Gold and Silver Medals from the North West Senior Games.


IKA Bellevue, Washington Sensei James Penor recently competed in the North West Senior games in June. He placed first in the long jump and second in the high jump! Sensei Penor has a track career dating back to when he was the fastest runner on the 6th grade track team. He attributes his ability to his love of the Martial Arts and continuous training. A few years ago he wrote an article on how the Martial Arts are the sport of all sports and he set out to prove to himself that this was true, since this year is an Olympic year. Sensei Penor knows firsthand that martial training can supplement any sport that uses hand and eye coordination and footwork.

Congratulations Sensei Penor!



The Masters Forum is dedicated to increasing the knowledge base of the IKA Family. Each month we will try to cover a new topic on a multitude of facets of the art, dealing with all levels of expertise. This month, I share a candid article I wrote which will hopefully allow you to look at yourself in the mirror to see where you are and where your training can take you.

The Evolution of A Karateka By Shihan Rod Kuratomi

There is an interesting progression that many martial artists go through if they train for a long time. I was not even aware of it until I was involved with the martial arts for almost 30 years and I looked in the mirror. I noticed the transformation in myself and in observing other senior students and instructors I found that it is very common transformation and realization that comes to the long time karate practitioner. For those not there yet, I can see the stages of progression and inner conflict as clear as the writing on a sheet of paper.

What type of person is attracted to martial arts? What reasons do people start training? The reasons are many. Some train only for physical fitness. Others train only to learn how to protect themselves. Most of the people that train only for these reasons often times quit before long if they do not realize the mental benefits of karate training.  The underlying reasons I have found that many train in the martial arts long term are Insecurity and Ego. I have found that Ego primarily applies to men but Insecurity equally applies to both men and women.
This typical person is afraid. He (or she) may be afraid of being a victim of crime or perhaps has been a victim in the past. He may be afraid of not being in control of situations.  He feels vulnerable.  He may be afraid of those bigger and stronger than himself. His insecurity makes him strive for physical and mental power over others. The martial arts is a perfect vehicle to fulfill these shortcomings  -  often times for the wrong reasons….

 When put in confrontational situations, even while training, the ego forces this person to be combative, lest any weakness or fear be revealed. He may fight at a drop of the hat when insulted. He will fight when any threat to his ego or “honor” materializes. He will fight primarily because he believes he can win. This is the same mentality of many of our street gangs  –  fighting for all the wrong reasons….

As a new karate student, he is afraid of those of higher rank as those with greater ability demonstrate how easily he can be hurt reinforcing his insecurity. As a result, this person is driven to excel. He trains relentlessly. Being insecure, he often tries to hurt others to see if his skill is really progressing and because he needs constant reinforcement that he is improving. Hurting others puts him in control which is something that his struggling ego needs. It eventually gives him the “respect” that comes from fear and intimidation. – respect for the wrong reasons….

Over the years as skills improve he can become more combative. As his abilities improve and a confidence emerges that he can hurt others, he does so as his weak ego needs constant reinforcement. He hurts others because he can and to prove to himself and to others that he is in control. He also does this to affirm that his training actually works at the expense of the health of his training partner and/or opponent.  It gives him the feeling of power and confidence.  Excelling, - for all the wrong reasons…

After a couple decades of training, there emerges true ability that can only come from hard training, sweat, and blood. Skills improve to the level that hurting others is easy. Winning tournaments is easy. The more difficult task is developing the self-control and discipline to not hurt others. The self-control needed to not hurt others comes only with the discipline and wisdom that emerges with years of training and hard work. A spirit forged in that place we call the dojo. Having self-restraint and self-discipline is the real test and is a demonstration of true accomplishment in the martial arts.

With true proficiency comes self-confidence. The ego no longer needs to be fueled by the blood and pain of others. A realization comes that there is nothing to be gained by hurting others. The ego no longer needs him to prove to himself or to others of his capability. The ability is there. The confidence is there.  The ego is controlled. Humility emerges. Inner peace and tranquility emerges.  When inner peace emerges the Ego and Insecurity are eliminated. The true benefits of training become realized.  When training is done for the right reasons, ability, wisdom and understanding grows exponentially.  The karateka therefore grows not only in ability but spiritually as well.  This is really what karate-do is all about…

It is a strange paradox. A weak ego and insecurity creating strength, confidence and inner peace. The very forces that drives a person to train relentlessly in the martial arts are also the forces that will keep one in the martial arts long enough to overcome these obstacles and attain proficiency in the arts and inner peace.  The average person that is secure in his own skin will not have the drive to stay in the martial arts for the long term and will therefore will never attain mastery.

It is our weakness that ultimately forges our bodies and spirits to attain mastery over our most formidable opponent….. …Ourselves!


"Karate may be considered as the conflict within oneself or as a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training and one's own creative efforts."



There are many dojos that still have not paid their annual membership renewal fee. Please note that if your fees are not paid you should not be using the IKA name,  the IKA trademark, nor Soke Kubota’s name. If you have financial problems, please contact Soke Kubota directly to work out special financial arrangements. It is not about money, it is about respect. Please observe proper Reigi (protocol) as the overhead of running the IKA is very expensive. Send Soke an e-mail if you have questions as to the different methods of  payment, especially for dojos outside of the United States.



August 25th, Little Tokyo
Nikkei Games Karate Seminar
Taught by Shihan Val Mijailovic on tournament kumite and
Sensei Fumio Demura on Oyo Bunkai

August 26, 2012 – Garden Grove, California
Nikkei Games Tournament
Next Level Sports Complex

October  7, 2012 – Los Angeles
All Star Tournament hosted by IKA Headquarters

May 2013 – Torino Italy
IKA Tournament hosted by Kyoshi Bortolin
Black Belts only.

November 2013 – Molinella, Italy - Tentative
Karate and Kubotan Seminars hosted by Kyoshi Pajello
Taught by Soke Kubota

IKA Serbia Tournament and seminars – Tentative
Hosted by Sensei Puric
Soke Kubota teaching


Each seek perfection of character.
Develop morals, ethics and distinguishable attributes.

Each be faithful.
Be loyal and devoted to a person, cause, or idea.

Each endeavor.
Have conscientious or concerted effort toward an end with an earnest attempt.

Each respect others.
To feel or show deferential value, honor, appreciation and regard for another.

Each refrain from violent behavior.
To hold oneself back from responding with inappropriate anger and physical force.


List of IKA Headquarters Staff and Instructors
President and Founder Soke Takayuki Kubota
Soke Dai James Caan
Vice-President Thea Kubota
Chief Advisor Leonard Kramer
Office Manager Carmen Kim
Senior Technical Advisors Val Mijailovic, Boban Petkovic
Technical Director Rod Kuratomi
National Coach and Advisor Ted Bratakos
Secretary Judy Rao
Liason, Special Projects Sara Kubota
Medical Advisor Dr. Ashok Rao, M.D.
Webmaster Brian McEvoy
Official Photographer Lee Fisher
Soke Takayuki Kubota 10th dan Master
Hank Hamilton 7th dan     Shihan
Paul McCaul 7th dan     Shihan
Val Mijailovic 7th dan     Shihan
Boban Petkovic 7th dan     Shihan
Mike Berger 6th dan     Shihan
Ted Bratakos 6th dan     Shihan
Mark Grigorian 6th dan     Shihan
Tatsuo Hirano 6th dan     Shihan
Leonard Kramer 6th dan    
Rod Kuratomi 6th dan     Shihan
George Sinani 6th dan     Shihan
Antonio Antonetti 5th dan     Shihan
Norvell Carrere 5th dan     Shihan
Mark Gujda 5th dan     Shihan
Judy Marx 5th dan     Shihan Dai
Marcial Soto 5th dan     Shihan
Sami Asmar 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Victor Chico 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Danny Kahan 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Demetrio Munoz 4th dan     Shihan Dai
David Petrie 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Stuart Richman 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Kirk Stites 4th dan     Shihan Dai
David White 4th dan    
Alfanso Espinosa 3rd dan     Sensei
Aman Ikram 3rd dan     Sensei
Anthony Boosalis 2nd dan     Sensei
George Lopez 2nd dan     Sensei
Judy Rao 2nd dan     Sensei
Patrick Reddy 2nd dan     Sensei
Roy Simmons 2nd dan     Sensei
Jennifer Allen 1st dan      Shidoin
Maureen DeGuzman 1st dan      Shidoin
Richard Martrosian 1st dan      Shidoin


The average training time for the Shihan (Master) level instructor is 30+ years of training and teaching. Each Shihan not only teaches but trains as well in order to maintain their status. Title is not automatically bestowed with rank. Soke also has several other master level instructors in Kubojitsu , Kobudo and IPT (International Police Training). Shihan Dai is a Deputy Master level instructor with an average of 20-30 years of training and teaching. Titles are reserved only for instructors that are ACTIVELY teaching at IKA Headquarters. Dan ranks are retained but titles can be changed as Soke sees fit.


We welcome any contributions you may have that you wish to have published subject to approval by Soke. Submit the articles to Soke in writing or e-mail them to him at:


It has come to Soke Kubota’s attention that some organizations around the world may be using IKA’s name and trademarks without permission. The name ”International Karate Association, Inc.” (IKA) and its registered trademarks may be used by affiliated organizations only after first receiving Soke’s written permission.   In addition, Soke’s hand written signature or the red Japanese signature stamp must not be used without his expressed permission. The red stamp is like a legal signature in Japan and is a symbol of authenticity. It should not be used by anybody except for Soke or for purposes that he authorizes. The “International Karate Association” name must not be used by itself to represent your organization. There is only one International Karate Association, Inc. and it is at Headquarters in Glendale, California, USA. After receiving approval from Soke, you may use the IKA name, but it must be attached with another description to differentiate it from the IKA Headquarters.  For example, if you are from the state of Nebraska, you could use the name, “International Karate Association of Nebraska” or something similar.


Please note that proper protocol (Reigi) requires that information matters directly relating to IKA Headquarters, IKA tournaments, karate training and seminars must be communicated to Soke Kubota first before contacting other members within the organization. It is improper for Soke to be the last person to be informed of matters that directly involve him and IKA Headquarters such as, for example, your intention to attend his tournament or invitations to tournaments that are addressed directly to a Headquarters student without Soke’s knowledge. It is proper respect in both of these cases to inform Soke first or at the same time that the student is contacted.   Thank you for your consideration in these matters. 


Due to increased liability risks, it is necessary that all IKA schools carry some form of liability insurance to protect the school from legal issues that may arise from accidents. The amount of liability insurance will depend on your location. USA schools are suggested to carry one-million dollars of liability insurance.

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