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Sokes 75th Anniversary Martial Arts



Sunday, October 5th, 2014 marks several special events. It is the 50th anniversary of the IKA All Star Tournament, Soke’s 75th Anniversary of his training in martial arts, and Soke’s 80th birthday celebration. The tournament will be at Occidental College in Los Angeles and it is going to be a well attended event with many international branches coming to honor Soke at this milestone event.

We will be having a banquet to honor Soke on Friday October 3rd at Raffi’s Place Restaurant in Glendale. The price will be $60 per person. The start time will be 7 pm cocktail hour, 8 pm dinner. Suit and tie attire suggested. If you wish to reserve a place at the banquet, submit your name to Soke as soon as possible as space is limited.

The official tournament hotel will be the Days Inn and the rate for a single is $84.59 USD. A double would be half price. Contact Days Inn at +1-800-325-2525 for reservations or go to www.daysinn.com. Contact person for reservations is Elaine. Elaine can be reached at +1-818-956-0202 There is also a shuttle available from LAX to the hotel for a fee. Note: Online prices are the same as if you call by phone

Soke will be teaching seminars on the morning of Saturday, October 4th from 9 am to 12 pm. Topics to be announced.

Special Dan testing will be on Saturday October 4th at 12:00 pm.

We will also be having our traditional after tournament party at Acapulco restaurant in Glendale.  NOTE: Due to time constraints there will be no team events, only individual events. There will be kobudo kata.

We are also selling ads for the tournament program booklet. It can be for your business or just a personal congratulatory message. Cost is: Business card ad -  $30, small photo ad - $30, 1/8 page - $40, ¼ page - $80, ½ page - $125, full page - $160, Inside cover full - $250, Back cover full - $350. Ads should be “camera” ready.

Hope to see you there.  Mark your calendar!


Soke With Fifty of His Headquarters Black Belts at The 2014 Black Belt Meeting  (photo courtesy of Lee Fisher)




Soke would like to announce that several IKA Headquarters instructors were tested and promoted at a special Black Belt meeting held on Sunday, July 13th. This is a special occasion as high level dan testing is not often done at IKA Headquarters. Many of these instructors have not tested in over 20 years and
continue to train and teach at IKA Headquarters.  In attendance were around 50 of Soke’s Black Belts. Many of the instructors that were promoted had over 40 years of training starting as early as 1964. In addition, Soke also presented the instructors with elevated promotional titles. Soke also announced that he would be testing several of the instructors from our other branches when they come to the 50th Anniversary All Star Tournament the weekend of October 3-5th.


Promoted were:

Hank Hamilton
8th Dan (honorary) 
Paul McCaul
8th Dan (honorary) 
Val Mijailovic
8th Dan 
Boban Petkovic
8th Dan 
Ted Bratakos
7th Dan
Tatsuo Hirano
7th Dan
Antonio Antonetti
7th Dan
George Sinani
7th Dan
Rod Kuratomi
7th Dan


Soke with the 8th Dan Hanshi Recipients: Val Mijailovic, Hank Hamilton, and Boban Petkovic

Soke with the 8th Dan Hanshi Recipients: Val Mijailovic, Hank Hamilton, and Boban Petkovic

Soke with 7th Dan Kyoshi Recipents: Tatsuo Hirano, Ted Bratakos, George Sinani, Rod Kuratomi, and Antonio Antonetti.

Soke with 7th Dan Kyoshi Recipents: Tatsuo Hirano, Ted Bratakos, George Sinani, Rod Kuratomi, and Antonio Antonetti.

Soke with 8th Dan Hanshi Recipient Paul McCaul

Soke with 8th Dan Hanshi Recipient Paul McCaul


 Here is a brief explanation of titles also known as “shogo”. Unlike dan ranks which are proficiency ranks, shogo are titles that denote status as a teacher and karateka. Although many times there is a correlation between dan ranks and shogo, shogo must be bestowed. Having a high dan rank does not automatically qualify one for shogo, though it is a prerequisite for shogo. 

“Soke” means head of family and is often referred to the master teacher who has founded or inherited a unique recognized system or style within a given family. It is most often used to designate the head of a lineage of a particular style or discipline. This designation is also used in other Japanese arts besides the martial arts. We are very fortunate to be trained by the original Soke of Gosoku Ryu, Soke Kubota.

The kanji for the suffix “shi” can be translated as teacher, master, or instructor. The “Hanshi” means master teacher or one who is an example.  The prefix “Han” means standard, example or model. The title is rarely bestowed in martial arts as the requirements are the most stringent in any given ryu (style). It is a master designation and only awarded to dan ranks of 8th dan or higher with a minimum age of 60 years. Soke reserves the right to bestow titles and dan ranks at an earlier or later age based on special qualifying circumstances.

“Kyoshi” means the teacher of teachers.  It can be synonymous with “Professor”. The prefix “Kyo” means to teach or to instruct. The Kyoshi is not only highly proficient in his/her ryu but acts as a teacher to other instructors and to him/herself on a spiritual level and has internalized karate for personal development. Usually the minimum dan rank required for Kyoshi is 7th dan and a minimum age of 45 years.

The lowest level of commonly used shogo is “Renshi” which means “polished teacher”. The prefix “Ren” means polish or refine.  The Renshi demonstrates proficiency over him/herself and also has a high level of technical expertise.  Usually the minimum dan rank required for Renshi is 5th dan and a minimum age of 35 years, as a prerequisite amount of life experience is required.

“Shihan” is a title which is given to master level instructors. Like shogo it is not associated with rank meaning a high dan rank does not automatically make you a Shihan. The title is bestowed to the instructor like shogo. The IKA requires an instructor to be actively teaching to retain his Shihan status and it must be bestowed by Soke Kubota.

“Shihan Dai” means “in place of Shihan”. It is a designation given to a highly experienced instructor that is able to handle instruction and dojo matters in the absence of the Shihan or Soke.

Sensei literally translated means “one who has been born before”. In this case, it is one that has been born into the training of martial arts before another. The loose English translation is “teacher” but is has a more honorable meaning in the Japanese language and is used for martial as well as traditional arts designations for instructors and always with a high level of respect. All instructors with shogo are Sensei and the term can be used in conjunction with the instructor’s name respectfully regardless of shogo or rank, i.e Kubota Sensei.

“Senpai” is the designation used when addressing someone with a more senior level than the person doing the addressing. The level which is junior to the Senpai is “Kohai”.

We congratulate all the instructors and give thanks to Soke Kubota who has changed the lives of everyone that trains in Gosoku Ryu for the better.  Osu!!!


(Lastname omitted to preserve privacy)

Hank H.

Paul M.
Val M.
Boban P.

Ted B.
Tatsuo H.
Rod K.
George S.
Antonio A.

Norvelle C.
Marcial S.
Mark G.

Danny K.
Demetrio M.
Sami A.
Stuart R.
Victor C.

Alfanso E.
Anthony B.
Armando G.
Brian G.
Fumiko H.
Judy R.
Martyn R.
Randy B.
Roy S.
William M.

Alex T.
Ali F.
Alzbeta D.
Bob L.
Brian M.
Carmen K.
Cheryl K.
Fenik H.
George L.
Henrik S.
Jared S.
Kyungduk K.
Leila A.
Leroy F.
Marie F.
Melinda L.
Michael R.
Patrick R.
Paul L.
Pierre P.
Sarita G.
Steve L.
Susan G.



Come and "Like" Soke on Facebook:


Soke will be using Facebook for posting photos of his travels and other happenings. Becuase Soke has exceeded 5,000 friends so he has started a new page on facebook:



There are many dojos that still have not paid their annual membership renewal fee. Please note that if your fees are not paid you should not be using the IKA name,  the IKA trademark, nor Soke Kubota’s name. If you have financial problems, please contact Soke Kubota directly to work out special financial arrangements. It is not about money, it is about respect. Please observe proper Reigi (protocol) as the overhead of running the IKA is very expensive. Send Soke an e-mail if you have questions as to the different methods of  payment, especially for dojos outside of the United States.



Each seek perfection of character.
Develop morals, ethics and distinguishable attributes.

Each be faithful.
Be loyal and devoted to a person, cause, or idea.

Each endeavor.
Have conscientious or concerted effort toward an end with an earnest attempt.

Each respect others.
To feel or show deferential value, honor, appreciation and regard for another.

Each refrain from violent behavior.
To hold oneself back from responding with inappropriate anger and physical force.


List of IKA Headquarters Staff and Instructors
President and Founder Soke Takayuki Kubota
Soke Dai James Caan
Vice-President Thea Kubota
Chief Advisor Leonard Kramer
Office Manager Carmen Kim
Senior Technical Advisors Val Mijailovic, Boban Petkovic
Technical Director Rod Kuratomi
National Coach and Advisor Ted Bratakos
Secretary Judy Rao
Liason, Special Projects Sara Kubota
Medical Advisor Dr. Ashok Rao, M.D.
Webmaster Brian McEvoy
Official Photographer Lee Fisher
Soke Takayuki Kubota 10th dan Master
Hank Hamilton 8th dan    Hanshi
Paul McCaul 8th dan    Hanshi
Val Mijailovic 8th dan    Hanshi
Boban Petkovic 8th dan    Hanshi
Ted Bratakos 7th dan    Kyoshi
Mark Grigorian 7th dan    Kyoshi
Tatsuo Hirano 7th dan    Kyoshi
Rod Kuratomi 7th dan    Kyoshi
George Sinani 7th dan    Kyoshi
Antonio Antonetti 7th dan    Kyoshi
Mark Grigorian 6th dan     Shihan
Norvell Carrere 5th dan     Shihan
Mark Gujda 5th dan     Shihan
Marcial Soto 5th dan     Shihan
Sami Asmar 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Danny Kahan 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Demetrio Munoz 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Stuart Richman 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Victor Chico 4th dan     Shihan Dai
Alfanso Espinosa 3rd dan     Sensei
Anthony Boosalis 2nd dan     Sensei
Armando Gongorra 2nd dan     Sensei
Judy Rao 2nd dan     Sensei
Patrick Reddy 2nd dan     Sensei
Roy Simmons 2nd dan     Sensei
Fumiko Hamada 1st dan      Sensei
Leroy Fisher 1st dan      Sensei
Martyn Romero 1st dan      Sensei
Randy Blue 1st dan      Sensei
William Monterosso 1st dan      Sensei


The average training time for the Shihan (Master) level instructor is 30+ years of training and teaching. Each Shihan not only teaches but trains as well in order to maintain their status. Title is not automatically bestowed with rank. Soke also has several other master level instructors in Kubojitsu , Kobudo and IPT (International Police Training). Shihan Dai is a Deputy Master level instructor with an average of 20-30 years of training and teaching. Titles are reserved only for instructors that are ACTIVELY teaching at IKA Headquarters. Dan ranks are retained but titles can be changed as Soke sees fit.


We welcome any contributions you may have that you wish to have published subject to approval by Soke. Submit the articles to Soke in writing or e-mail them to him at:


It has come to Soke Kubota’s attention that some organizations around the world may be using IKA’s name and trademarks without permission. The name ”International Karate Association, Inc.” (IKA) and its registered trademarks may be used by affiliated organizations only after first receiving Soke’s written permission.   In addition, Soke’s hand written signature or the red Japanese signature stamp must not be used without his expressed permission. The red stamp is like a legal signature in Japan and is a symbol of authenticity. It should not be used by anybody except for Soke or for purposes that he authorizes. The “International Karate Association” name must not be used by itself to represent your organization. There is only one International Karate Association, Inc. and it is at Headquarters in Glendale, California, USA. After receiving approval from Soke, you may use the IKA name, but it must be attached with another description to differentiate it from the IKA Headquarters.  For example, if you are from the state of Nebraska, you could use the name, “International Karate Association of Nebraska” or something similar.


Please note that proper protocol (Reigi) requires that information matters directly relating to IKA Headquarters, IKA tournaments, karate training and seminars must be communicated to Soke Kubota first before contacting other members within the organization. It is improper for Soke to be the last person to be informed of matters that directly involve him and IKA Headquarters such as, for example, your intention to attend his tournament or invitations to tournaments that are addressed directly to a Headquarters student without Soke’s knowledge. It is proper respect in both of these cases to inform Soke first or at the same time that the student is contacted.   Thank you for your consideration in these matters. 


Due to increased liability risks, it is necessary that all IKA schools carry some form of liability insurance to protect the school from legal issues that may arise from accidents. The amount of liability insurance will depend on your location. USA schools are suggested to carry one-million dollars of liability insurance.

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